Consumer Products
Our SmartPeptide™ cosmeceutical peptides provide new innovation for the health and beauty markets.
We believe one of our lead peptides offers significant advantages for skin care companies in the over-the-counter acne treatment market…click to learn more.
We have identified and qualified a number of peptides that target changes in the appearance of skin associated with the aging process…click to learn more.
SmartPeptide™ technology from Helix BioMedix offers leading innovation for cosmeceutical and OTC product enhancement…click to learn more.


With over 20 years of research and development invested in leading edge science, Helix BioMedix has perfected the art of unlocking large peptide molecules for better efficacy and cost effectiveness.

We identify the precise peptides needed to stimulate key cellular processes and control cell wall defense. Using the specific amino acid sequence for the desired activity, our peptides work with targeted precision to provide optimal skin enhancing results in cosmeceutical and OTC formulations.

The Company’s innovative bioactive peptide ingredients are used by premier prestige skin care companies such as Fusion Beauty, Smash Box, Elizabeth Arden and many others to bring consumers the latest in advanced technology, high performance dermo-cosmeceutical products.


The Science: Through complex research and development of advanced technologies, peptide science has been elevated to a new level of precise, bioactive peptides that function to address specific skin care concerns. Helix BioMedix’s SmartPeptides™ technology stimulates the skin’s own natural repair process and regeneration systems to enhance skin health. Tests have shown that SmartPeptides™ technology boosts collagen production and migration and support the skin’s extracellular matrix, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing firmness of the skin. With use over time, skin looks younger and more radiant